I love providing talented and ambitious LSAT takers the personalized service that will accelerate THEIR vision
I love providing talented and ambitious LSAT takers the personalized service that will accelerate THEIR vision 

John agozzino-kim - owner

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Why I may be the right teacher for you?


 I scored in the 99th percentile (176) on the LSAT at 19 years old. I also scored iin the 99th percentile officially on the PSAT, SAT, GMAT and unofficially on the GRE and MCAT (CARS). 

I was trained to teach standardized tests by, in my opinion, the top LSAT company in the world (TestMasters). To get that job, my resume and teaching challenge scores needed to beat out 75% of the other candidates for the job. All of the other candidates also had scored in the top 1 percentile. 

After law school, I practiced in the mergers and acquisitions department in Manhattan for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius ... one of the world's largest law firms. I have passed the bar exams in both New York State and Ontario. 

A primary reason I was able to advance in meritocratic and competitive environments is because of great teachers I encountered. Certain teachers made competition and the construction of new skills joyful rather than anxiety inducing (I certainly had enough anxiety already). You could tell right away that they had an optimism and sense of realistic hope that was contagious. I aspire to give students what those teachers gave me.


I believe I have taught more students standardized tests in Canada than any other person (many thousands between the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and SAT) in the past five years. I take pride in being of the best reviewed teachers in a country that is renowned for their excellent teachers (though I recognize that I have much to still learn).  

For over ten years I have offered every single student this money back guarantee: if you think the tutoring session was worth a penny less than you paid, for whatever reason you think it, then the lesson is completely free. I'll be grateful for the feedback and wish you the best. For over ten years, every single student has paid in full. I am reasonably confident you will also find the lessons worthwhile and tailored to your needs. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and wish you the best of fortune with whatever path you choose. 

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