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Video Course

Doing a good job is incredibly important to us since the LSAT is one of the most important tests you will take in your life. Anything less than 100% satisfaction is not acceptable. We have offered this deal to hundreds of students and every single one has been satisfied with the results. 

Included in this course

Logic Games

  1. Core Processes

  2. Application of Process to Double Linear Games, The Square of Opposites

  3. Introduction to Conditional Logic, Conditional Logic and Grouping Games

  4. Introduction to Matching Games + Interchangeable/Independent Variables, Matching Game, Drill Sets

  5. Aberrational Logic Games, Numeric Distribution Drills

  6. Speed Training

Logical Reasoning

  1. Introduction to Logical Reasoning

  2. Conclusion Questions, Validity

  3. Strengthen and Weaken Questions

  4. Necessary Assumption

  5. Flaw Questions, Parallel Flaw Questions

  6. Advanced Conditional Logic, Quantifying Statements, Inference Questions

  7. Sufficient Assumption Questions, Parallel Reasoning Questions

  8. Principle Questions, Paradox Questions, Point at Issue Questions, Role in Argument Questions, Method of Reasoning Questions

Reading Comprehension

  1. Approaching the LSAT with proper information and mindset

  2. Intro to Elements of the Wize RC Process, Initial Application of the Wize RC Process

  3. Laser Focus on Author’s Opinion

  4. Speed Training!

  5. Speed Training!

  6. The Review Method

  7. RC Question Stems


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