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January 14, 2022


January 14, 2022

Why Group Tutoring?

Logical Reasoning

  • Introduction to Logical Reasoning

  • Conclusion Questions, Validity

  • Strengthen and Weaken Questions

  • Necessary Assumption

  • Flaw Questions, Parallel Flaw Questions

  • Advanced Conditional Logic, Quantifying Statements,

  • and Inference Questions

  • Sufficient Assumption, and Parallel Reasoning

  • Principle, Paradox, Point at Issue, Role in Argument, 
    and Method of Reasoning Questions 

benefits, class structure ect

Reading Comprehension

  • Approaching the LSAT with proper information
    and mindset

  • Intro to Elements of the Wize RC Process, Initial Application of the Wize RC Process

  • Laser Focus on Author’s Opinion

  • Speed Training

  • The Review Method

  • RC Question Stems

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