- John Agozzino-Kim, owner

"I love providing talented and ambitious LSAT takers the personalized service that will accelerate THEIR vision"


Hi, my name is John Agozzino-Kim and I appreciate you considering me to assist you with the LSAT. I have taught the LSAT for over a dozen years. In those dozen years, I have taught thousands of bright and ambitious students. I enjoy working with aspirational people. I come from a family of teachers and respect teaching as a competence that is independent from subject matter expertise.

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I scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT, PSAT, SAT, GMAT

Over 6000 hours LSAT teaching experience

Trained by #1 LSAT company in United States, has worked with the largest Canadian standardized test companies

Top rated teacher at multiple large standardized testing organizations

Registered lawyer in New York and Ontario, NYU Law graduate

No $$$ at risk guarantee: I respect you worked to earn your money and you are considering a service where you cannot know the quality in advance. I am glad to assume that risk. If you believe the first lesson was worth a penny less than what I charge, for whatever reason you think it, then the lesson is completely free. In 12 years, every single person has paid in full

Hundreds of hours of online teaching experience (Zoom/Skype)