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Personalized LSAT training to fit your individual needs

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John helped me improve my LSAT score by 14 points.

He is an incredible teacher, his techniques are super effective, very

understandable and work time and time again on every question.

His LSAT study techniques made me feel more confident going into the exam

because I knew I had the tools to conquer the questions!

– Alannah

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  • Most Popular!

    Platinum Package

    Valid for one year
    • 20 hours of 1 on 1 prep
    • Personal consultations regarding psychology and scheduling
    • Speed Training
    • Unlimited access to questions and answers
    • Personlized Study Schedule
    • Post-Practice Test Reviews
    • Private Whatsapp Access for Questions
  • Gold Package

    Valid for one year
    • 12 hours of LR, LG and RC
    • Focus on all core areas
    • Personalized Study Plan
    • Free Materials
  • Intro Package

    Two Hours on ANY LSAT subject
    Valid for one month
    • 2 hour session
    • Pay per session
    • Fix problem area
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