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Our mission is to sincerely and honourably

assist ambitious clients in their pursuit of their chosen goals

Hi, I'm John Agozzino

I am an NYU law graduate and a registered lawyer in New York and Ontario, Canada.

I have been teaching the LSAT’s for over 12 years and helped thousands of

students reach their test goals!

A little about me:

• I scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT, PSAT, SAT, and GMAT

•Trained by the #1 LSAT company in the USA and worked with Canada's largest standardized testing companies

•Top rated teacher at multiple major standardized testing organizations

•Over 7000 hours of LSAT teaching experience (in person and online)

Modern Edukos Inc.

(Lawprep180's corporate shell)

Edukos (Greek) - to draw from within
Educare (Latin) - to instill/mold

Humility is at the root of all learning. Before any person can progress,

they must first recognize they are imperfect in some way.

The capacity for growth is never ending for both students and teachers. 

We believe an ideal educator is a servant to the student. We listen to understand,

not to judge. We assist but do not insist. We teach process and avoid politics.



John was recommended to me by a colleague and it was the

best thing to happen to me in the lead-up to applying for law school


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