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What are the LSAT Preparation Strategies and Tips?

Updated: Apr 10

Any aspiring law student or undergrad must have heard of the importance of the LSAT in successfully pursuing a career in law.

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is one of the core stages of law school application. It is a regulated written test which is used to access the qualifications of soon-to-be students in law schools.

What are the LSAT Preparation Strategies and Tips?

The LSAT comprises five crucial parts which includes logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, experimental/variable and writing samples. It is thus very important that you have a strategy in ensuring you passed your exam and that is what you will learn in this blog post.

What is the essence of LSAT?

As a law school aspirant, your next targeted breakthrough after college is preparing for the LSAT.

The LSAT is designed to test skills such as argument evaluation, information organization, critical thinking and reading. As long as your choice of law school requires an LSAT, you should take the test before registration.

The test is designed to help institutions know which candidates have the potential to survive in law school.

How Important are LSAT Preparation Classes?

LSAT is widely known to be one of the toughest tests to take. Hence, the importance of taking LSAT prep classes has caused a controversy. 

Unarguably, some candidates have passed the test without a prep course, but there would always be individual preparations. Moreover, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) has discovered that students who take proper preparation action, like getting a private LSAT tutor, score higher on this test.

Therefore, obtaining the required score needed to be a zealous aspirant or earn a scholarship will require thorough practice and preparation. Knowing the nitty gritty of the test before sitting for it is more than important.

10 LSAT Preparation Strategies and Tips

To be sure you are preparing for the LSAT the best way anyone would have, consider some of the following LSAT preparation strategies and tips.

1. Avoid Cramming

As mentioned earlier, the LSAT tests your intellectual skills. Therefore the test requires thinking critically and analyzing facts to figure out answers. This is why it's wise to get tutors who will walk you through your pre-journey, revealing the structure and sections of the LSAT exam to you rather than cramming and risking your chances of having a good score.

2. Prepare with Requirements in Mind

The LSAT scores required by law schools vary. The more prominent your choice of law school is, the higher your required LSAT score will be. Some highly ranked law schools' cut-off is 180-170 for the LSAT, while other less prominent schools may require 165 at the least. 

Being mindful of the requirements of the school you choose will nudge you to put in the adequate effort needed during prep. 

3. The LSAT Practice Test is Good to Start with 

If you have decided to self-study, spend enough time taking practice tests. To effectively use these practice tests, ensure adherence to conditions and duration of the test, as though it was the actual exam. Starting with an untimed test isn't bad, but be careful not to stay too long on that level. Also, strive to complete the whole practice test. There is a free LSAT practice test available on the Law School Admission Council’s website.

4. Analyze Practice Test Scores

After taking the LSAT practice tests, analyzing your scores is what helps you make sense of the test practices. At the end of each test practice, ensure you keep a record of your scores and observe closely those questions you failed. This will help you identify areas where you are weak, and give more attention while studying.

5. Gain mastery in Logical Reasoning

You may be wondering why the emphasis is on logical reasoning. It is because the logic reasoning session is where your ability to critically examine, analyze and evaluate naturally occurring language and draw out arguments from them is being tested. As a law student or lawyer, most of what you do, as you might already know, is to draw out arguments and settle opposing parties. Gain mastery by taking the LSAT logical reasoning practice test as many times as you can. 

6. Take as many writing samples as Possible

The fact that this session is not scored doesn’t mean it is useless. Students are advised to practice writing samples because chances are that their writing samples will be assessed by their chosen law schools. How do you win them over if your writing is not well-versed? 

7. Get used to the Digital format

Even though candidates are given pens and paper, the exam is a computer-based test. Endeavor to take your practice tests on computers or tablets to get acquainted with the interface.

8. Until you are Convinced, you may not be Ready

You can choose to make your first LSAT the last, instead of using it to diagnose your weak points. If you have taken enough time to practice tests and in-depth preparation, you can attain your desired score at your first sitting. You can also take an LSAC diagnostic test to know your stand.

9. Make your own rules as a full-time worker

Peradventure you are a full-time worker planning to take the LSAT and you would not have the luxury of time to devote to preparing for the exam. Then, enrolling for LSAT prep programs online is one of the things you can do to help yourself.

This study program will provide you with an LSAT expert who will help you schedule a convenient study plan to meet your needs. Law Prep180 is the best LSAT prep platform to get this.

10. Get an Expert

Enrolling on an LSAT prep study program is worth more than you can imagine. Law Prep 180 will provide you with a passionate and professional law expert who will be committed to teaching you most of the LSAT test strategies like time management and vital skills to answer your questions. The tutoring will also be personalized to meet your individual needs and schedule. There are varying tutoring packages available for every budget. Don’t worry, you won’t have to make payment if you are not satisfied with the first session. 

Book a free consultation with a law expert who scored the 99th percentile in LSAT, PSAT, SAT and GMAT.


Preparing for the LSAT is one of the surest ways to get your desired score. Since the exam is a significant milestone in successfully pursuing a career in law, taking your time to adequately prepare for it will pay off when you stick to the proposed LSAT preparation strategies. Strategies like making rules that work best for you as a worker, mastering logical reasoning, getting an expert, and many more.


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